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Our Mission

 For the sake of the Gospel and all of God’s creation,
the Deaconess Community of the ELCA fosters
intentional community,
diaconal leadership development,
and dynamic partnerships within the church and the world.

Our Vision 

Compelled by the love of Christ and sustained by community,
the Deaconess Community of the ELCA works for
justice and flourishing for all of God’s creation.

Guiding Principles

We are rooted in the living Word and love of God
We are emboldened by our history
We are accountable to intentional community
We practice courageous leadership
We practice radical welcome
We practice cultivating partnerships

Good Friday with the Sisters of the Deaconess Community

Invitation from Sr. Noreen https://youtu.be/c3g8mUFJPGY 

Sr. Annette Janka https://youtu.be/OWsXbC1ZSDQ 

Sr. Jennie Myers https://youtu.be/MKTHE_fVONk 

Sr. Laura Mankivsky https://youtu.be/ZYiAg211oaE

Sr. Melinda Lando https://youtu.be/OwiZd0mE8DQ

Sr. Michelle Walka https://youtu.be/BKAfs0d3cig

Sr. Noreen Stevens https://youtu.be/ii0c2zCNjxs

Sr. Ramona Daily https://youtu.be/0qC4Es1IYqI

Sr. Sarah Hausken https://youtu.be/dnN8kL-SAWo

Sr. Carol Weaver https://youtu.be/mUbw-W7ex48

Sr. Kriss Buss https://youtu.be/sBv8AMNVi4c 

 Sr. Deb McClellan https://youtu.be/3hwYPlCGd1g 

Deaconesses are called to be public leaders in/for the church. We work in a variety of fields in and out of congregations, as we strive to be the connection between the church and the world.

Deaconesses also seek to empower and equip the service of other, both in the church and the world.

We are a Reconciling in Christ Community