Profiles of Past Deaconesses

Srs. Julianne Holt and Signe Ness Sr. Anna Bergeland, 1891-1979 Sr. Elizabeth Fedde’s Diary, 1888
Sr. Martha Pretzlaff, 1884-1978 Sr. Olette Berntsen, 1882-1974 Sr. Mary Cassel, 1879-1951
Srs. Ingeborg Sponland and Caroline Williams Sr. Marie S. Anderson, 1872-1962 Sr. Jennie Christ, 1872-1950
Sr. Elizabeth Anderson, 1869-1971 Sr. Anna Baumgarten, 1859-1944 Sr. Emma Carlson, 1859-1933
Sr. Cecilia Nelson, ca. 1861 – 1940 Four Deaconesses from Emanuel Church, Minneapolis

Profiles of Deaconess Supporters

John D. Lankenau, The Greatest Lutheran Layman in 19th Century America Carl August Hultkrans, Founder of the Bethesda Deaconess Home in St. Paul, Minnesota Theodor Fliedner, Founder of the German Deaconess Movement

Other Information

Gravesites of Deaconesses of German Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Archived Photos

Philadelphia - Deaconess Community


Baltimore - Deaconess Community


Omaha - Deaconess Community