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Diaconal Ministry: History, Formation, and Spirituality

Servant leadership, Word and Service, and diaconal ministry are all synonyms for the ancient Greek word, diakonia, the call of Christ to serve others for the sake of the gospel. We invite you to accompany others interested in learning more through our January elective course.

The Course:

  • Introduces students to the historical, theological, and social contexts in which the work of diaconal ministry has been expressed through the church’s history.
  • Provides a particular focus on ways in which that history continues to impact the present.
  • The course provides significant opportunity for the development of spiritual disciplines and vocational discernment.
  • This course meets the formation requirements for those entering the Word and Service Roster.
  • Pre-work is required.

Course Goals:

  • To present a theological grounding for discernment.
  • To learn about the ministry of Word and Service throughout the Church’s history.
  • To experience and talk about intentional community.

There may be the opportunity to take this course as an Independent Study undergraduate course in partnership with your college/university.

For further information please contact Sister Sarah Hausken at Sarah.Hausken@elca.org.