Sister Liz

IMG_4813   I have known I was being called to public ministry in the Lutheran church since I was a very young girl.  My childhood church community was the place where I learned how to trust others and care for relationships.  As I grew up, I began noticing that I had gifts for discernment, connectivity, and claiming authenticity that I knew God had been prepping in me for leadership. But it was very clear to me that being a pastor was just not the way God was calling me – not that I couldn’t do it, but rather that my gifts were meant to be utilized in a different, perhaps new, way.




I have always had a deep respect and yearning for intentional community.  My faith is both nourishedIMG_4726 and nourishing in spaces where community strives to hold one another accountable to the justice seeking, peace making ways of the Christian faith.
When I heard about the Deaconess Community, with its strong history, rich faith, and deeply held belief in diaconal vocation – I was hooked!  Finding that my ELCA tradition had a community of women who understood what it means to be in real relationship with their faith, their church, and one another was like salve to me.



IMG_4240I live this diaconal vocation and call out in some pretty rad ways these days!  I serve as the Community Organizing Specialist for the Northwest Washington Synod of the ELCA, which means I get to help congregations, leaders, and community members around Western Washington learn how to utilize the methodologies of community organizing to better build and sustain spaces of equity and justice in our synod. I also serve as the Community Organizer for a network of house churches called Catacomb Churches, who specifically engage in community building and non-violent public leadership in their neighborhoods.  IMG_4898