April Board of Directors Meeting

April Board of Directors Meeting

 by Sr. Dottie Almoney

Our Board of Directors met in Chicago from April 24 through April 27. We had a day-long board training on April 24, which gave us some useful tools to use as we work together as a board.

We all were very energized from the training.  We were able to carry that enthusiasm into our board work and are excited to do some strategic planning with the community in September.

We welcomed two new board members, Aubrey Thonvold and Ray Pickett who jumped right in and are very excited to be working with our community. We are also forming a personnel committee which will be led by Sister Nora.

Our voting board members are Sr. Michelle Collins, Sr. Nora Frost, Barbara Swartling (secretary) Sister Davia Evans (vice chair), Sister LaDonna Olson (treasurer), Aubrey Thonvold, Ray Pickett, Bishop Terry Brandt and myself.

Sister Noreen Stevens and Sister Liz Colver have seat and voice.

Please share any concerns you may have with any board member!

In Service,
Sister Dottie Almoney
Chair, Board of Directors