Thursdays in Black Worship

Thursdays in Black Worship

by Candidate Kriss Buss

On February 21, 2019, I led a chapel service at Trinity Theological Seminary, where I am a student.

This was the final chapel service in a week focused on our siblings impacted by the criminal justice system. In this contemplative service, resources from the Thursday in Black website were placed at stations around the room for individuals to meditate on, considering how violence impacts women, how the Gospel calls us to respond, and how violence against women greatly increases women’s interaction with the criminal justice system.

Individuals were provided a Thursdays in Black pin to take with them, a list of interpersonal violence resources for the community area, and were invited to light candles as they prayed. In the center of the worship space was a poster for individuals to write prayers or words of encouragement that was shared with the local women’s prison.

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