Baked potato for Lent

Baked potato for Lent

by Sr. Mary Aire | Sr. Mary Arie is serving as a synodically authorized minister at St. Mark Lutheran Church, Waterville, Kansas

Every Sunday coins are clinking and clanking in small tin pails. The children of the congregation collect loose coins during the offering time. This money is used for ministry projects that the children select: Good Gifts from the ELCA, supporting a child by paying for their lunch at school, giving money to help pay for the utilities of someone from the community who needs help. The children’s last project was to help a church member who lost his home to a fire.

The children set a goal this spring to collect money to purchase a fish farm. They thought this was a good project because it helped a whole community. So, they started to collect “noisy offering,” but when Dudley had the fire, they decided they wanted to help him. They decided to do a Baked Potato Bar after worship on March 31.

On two Wednesday nights they washed 100 potatoes and then the following Wednesday they wrapped them in foil. The children ages are from three years old to fourth grade, and all wanted to help. It was fun to see them all pitch in and work. At the lunch they all helped (we had parents helping too, but they mostly supervised). The children handed out the potatoes, helped with the toppings, carried trays, collected the trays, brought drinks to those that wanted it, served dessert (ice cream and brownies with toppings) and then helped clean up. We served over 100 people and collected $1,800.

The church wants the youth to be involved in all ways of ministry, and this is a great way to share their love of Christ by helping others.