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Pure motives?

Pure motives?

by Candidate Kriss Buss

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” – Matthew 5:8

It can be scary to be upfront about our motives. Even when we feel we’re motivated by our faith, by a call from God, many might still challenge that we’re only out to get something for ourselves.

We can even begin to doubt ourselves.

As with mercy, when the intention of our heart is aligned with that of God, we become transformed more entirely into God’s own likeness.

In this way, we become more aware not only of the image of God within ourselves but also within each person around us.

We thus see that beauty of the creator that is in each and every person we encounter, in the beauty of the communities with which we are apart and interact.

How can our motives be self-driven when we are truly looking into the face and heart of God in those with whom we are working, speaking, sharing a meal?

Dear Community, where are you being called to see the face, the heart, the eyes of God? Where are we being stretched to see more deeply the fullness of God’s own image in ourselves and in all those we meet? And, how can this more wholly connect us to each other and to the world?

God of Creation, open our eyes and our hearts to see you reflected in all of your creation. Call us to see all people as bearers of your image, and to treat them with the love and reverence with which we would treat you. Amen.