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Service to and for others

Service to and for others

by Candidate Megan McClinton

For Deaconess Community candidate Megan McClinton, Minister of Music and Education at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, York, Penn., Lent is a time of year where the formative nature of becoming a Deaconess, shines through.

 She answered some questions form the Deaconess Community about her work during Lent and how she approaches the season.


Deaconess Community (DC): How does your work change during Lent?

Megan McClinton (MM): Extra services are added which include Mid-Week Vespers services for which I lead the music. I also help to conduct a special mid-week Lenten Bible study.

DC:  For you personally, what is unique about Lent?

MM: Lent is my favorite church season. It is a time of inward journey, reflection, and renewal. It is a time to spend in prayer and meditation while journeying in a relationship with God. It is a time of inward reflection on one’s own sinfulness and offering sacrifice for others in Christ’s name. It is a time of renewal as we journey toward the cross of Christ. 

DC: How does being a deaconess candidate inform your view of Lent?

MM: Being a deaconess candidate, I have found, informs my approach in all that do, both in my work in the congregation and in my own personal life. Since becoming a candidate, I find more and more daily, how I cannot separate the two. It is my forming identity as a deaconess which guides and directs all that I do. Being a deaconess is much about having a heart and mind focused towards service to and for others. In my work at Mt. Zion, I serve the members of the congregation through worship in music and liturgy and through education in teaching and guiding. In my personal life, I am directed through my identity as a deaconess in spiritual prayer and relationship with God and others.

 DC: Tell us about one thing that you are doing in your congregation for Lent that you are excited about.   

MM: I always look forward to our Mid-week Lenten Vespers services. The liturgy of the Evening Prayer is still uplifting to me. I am also excited about our B&B — Bible and Breakfast. We meet bi-weekly for an early morning Bible study and breakfast. It is a time to share in a meal and education with congregation members.