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What Mercy Asks of Us

What Mercy Asks of Us

by Candidate Kriss Buss

 “Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy.” – Matthew 5:7

 As Gregory of Nyssa reflected, having been made in God’s image we have the capacity to bear the traits of God into the world, though imperfectly.

Mercy is one of these traits.

As we practice mercy, we are formed by God further into God’s likeness and form the world further into the rule of God’s kingdom.

In this, we see again God’s repetitious desire to uplift a world reconciled without violence.

God longs for justice, true justice that restores people and communities to each other without violence and retribution.

Mercy asks us to practice true forgiveness and welcoming. To welcome those cast out by fear. To make risks for real peace, peace grounded in love that does not bear grudges.

Dear Community, who needs your mercy today? Who needs our voice to call for mercy? Where can we be a voice for real, welcoming peace?

Spirit of Peace, conform us to your ways of mercy, forgiveness, and welcome. Invite us to those places where restoration is needed. Open our hearts and our lives to be vessels of your mercy in a world torn by violence. Amen.