A world full of hunger

A world full of hunger

by Candidate Kriss Buss

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” Matthew 5:6

People are hungry. In so many ways – literally for food and water, spiritually for true nourishment from God and a community of believers. People are hungry for right relationships with one another, for justice.

The oppressive power of this world ultimately leaves everyone longing for the fullness only God can bring, but this is especially true for those whose rights are routinely denied.

We see people, society, even churches turn to so many idols in search of something to fill this hunger.

True justice comes in the form of God’s liberation for all people. Righteousness is a community concern – such that all are treated justly and with God’s abundant love.

Dear Community, where is there hungering and thirsting in your town? Who cries out to be filled? As the church, we are called to be turned outwards to the world, to serve and witness. What areas of unrighteousness are calling for witness and service this Lent?

Spirit of Justice, call our hearts to those who cry in hunger for your righteousness. We lament with those worn down by oppressive systems. Draw us away from false security and lead us toward true fulfillment in your love and your community. Amen.