Neither Snow Nor Freezing Video

Neither Snow Nor Freezing Video

by Jonathan Tindor

The Deaconess Community’s Assembly Planning Team had scheduled a visit to Carol Joy Holling Conference and Retreat Center, the site of the 2019 Assembly, for the last week of February. There just was one problem: a blizzard.

Airlines canceled flights into Eppley Airfield, the airport outside of Omaha. State officials decided to close Interstate 80, the main route from Eppley Airfield to Carol Joy Holling after more than 80 cars piled up in one giant accident.

The Assembly Planning Team was scheduled to spend most of three days at Carol Joy Holling, meeting the staff, walking through the rooms that the Community would use and working on an array of details.

“I was concerned about not having a one-on-one meeting with fellow committee members.” Sr. Diane Solmonson, co-chair of the Assembly Planning Team said. “The goal was to give the committee an opportunity to see first-hand the layout of the conference site. We missed that as well as the bonding time that takes place at meals and evening downtime.”

Sr. Mary Aire, co-chair of the Assembly Planning Team, was also concerned. “A site visit is important to plan and create a space that will be welcoming to the sisters and our guests.”

Instead of the site visit, Sr. Mary, Sr. Diane, and Sr. Noreen Stevens, directing deaconess of the Deaconess Community, decided on a video meeting.

“We felt that we could at least go over the agenda for the Assembly,” said Sr. Mary. “We could talk about Community Life events, service events, the worship space, and the celebrations we will have.”

At the video meeting on February 25, the members of the Assembly Planning Team talked through the assembly schedule and travel and room logistics, communication pieces, celebrations, and menus.

“We accomplished all the planning goals that we could in less than five hours.” Said Sr. Diane. “I think the committee did a great job and we were all very open with discussions as we hammered out the details.”

“It was amazing!” Said Sr. Noreen. “Everything that we could have done, we did.”

Later in March, Sr. Noreen Stevens and the Deaconess Community’s Administrator, Public Relations Manager, Jan Rizzo, will travel to Carol Joy Holling to meet and plan with the staff there.

The 2019 Deaconess Assembly will be held September 26-30, 2019 at Carol Joy Holling.