A world in mourning: reflection on a beatitude

A world in mourning: reflection on a beatitude

by Candidate Kriss Buss
“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” – Matthew 5:4

There is deep mourning in our world. Perhaps for those whose grief weighs them down such that they cannot see even a glimmer of joy. Or maybe for those who have glimpsed the beauty of God’s bright creation, and yet see its absence all around.

Our daily separation from all that goodness for which God formed us can create a deep sorrow.

Jesus’ call to lift up the mourners and to live into the sadness runs counter to a world that tells us to “put on a happy face.”

But, it is in truly acknowledging the hurts of another and ourselves that we find true peace in a world constantly shattered by violence and hurt relationships.

Jesus calls us to run towards each other’s’ pain with true love, not disposable band-aids.

Dear Community, where are you hurting? What tears do we hear that call us closer, or draw us out to edges of our own towns? As sisters, how are we uniquely called to live out the reality that we are lifted up, each one of us, when we are together?

 God of Comfort, draw our hearts to those whose tears run deep, who long for comfort in this life. May we find our true comfort in you, and in the consolation, we find in you through the gift of community. Amen.