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Fling Wide the Doors

Fling Wide the Doors

by Jan Rizzo

We had a fantastic Open House on November 14. The Deaconess Community offices are located in the Lutheran Center in Chicago, and for many of those who work in the building it was their first opportunity to pay us a visit.

“This open house served as a wonderful celebration of our lives working together in community and we were  pleased to have seen so many of our neighbors in attendance,” said Sr. Noreen, directing deaconess.

The staff and leadership team extended the hospitality of the Community to more than 90 Churchwide Organization staff, as well as others who lease space from the ELCA. They received personal tours of the office suite, met the staff and leadership team members, partook in a light lunch, and learned more about each other.

Pictured from left to right: Mary Beth Nowak, director Meeting Management, ELCA; Sr. Noreen Stevens, directing deaconess; Elizabeth Eaton, presiding bishop of the ELCA

“Thank you for the invitation.” Said Lori Fedyk, the new treasurer of the ELCA. “I am a newbie here and this has given me the opportunity to meet so many people at one time.”

Guests made comments like, ‘What a great idea!’ ‘I didn’t know all these offices were here!’ ‘I had no idea that you’re community offers ministry grants.’ ‘We had a blast!’ ‘Thank you for your warmth and hospitality.’

Pictured from left to right: Sr. Liz Colver, Director of Vocation and Education, Deaconess Community; Rev. Dr. Roger Willer, director, Theological Ethics, ELCA; Michael Mills, network manager, Child Serv; Yvette NewberryWhite, staff accountant, Deaconess Community.