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Sr. Liz Colver

Director of Vocation and Education

Sr. Liz Colver

Sr. Liz’s Background

Sister Liz is a lifelong Lutheran, who was born and raised in Seattle, Washington.  She received a BA in Biblical Studies from Trinity Lutheran College in Issaquah, Washington, and went to seminary at Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry.  She is trained in community organizing, transformational leadership, and accompaniment, and provides training in those areas as well.


Liz’s work at the Deaconess Community

As Director of Vocation and Education, Sr. Liz works with womxn who are interested in becoming deaconesses and womxn who are already deaconesses.

Sr. Liz helps womxn who are interested in becoming deaconesses or are on the path to becoming deaconesses (candidates) decern what God has for them and how the Deaconess Community fist into that plan. She continues to walk with candidates through the journey of education and discernment.

Sr. Liz also works with members of the Deaconess Community (sisters) to provide continuing education and assistance in decerning new ways to serve God in the world.

Sr. Liz and Sr. Noreen Stevens, directing deaconess, provide day-to-day leadership of the Deaconess Community.


A bit more about Sr. Liz 

Sister Liz has been married to her partner, James, since 2002.  They have 3 children, Hazel, Shepherd, and Amos, and live in Kenmore Washington, a suburb of Seattle that rests at the northernmost tip of Lake Washington.

Sr. Liz is an avid reader.