Sr. Shana Williams sat down at the 2017 Deaconess Assembly and talked about why she become a Deaconess.
She went to seminary planning on becoming a pastor. She did not know there were other professional roles in the church.
  • She had grown up in a small, farming community.
  • The sense of community that she felt there was something that grounded her.
  • Her community served each other as a natural part of being together in a community.


Then, just before she went on her internship in seminary:
  • Something just did not feel right. Now, I know it was the Holy Spirit, but at the time it just didn’t feel right.”
  • She took a break from her studies and met Sr. Noreen Stevens.
  • [Sr. Noreen] helped me put that call to ministry, that call to service, in  community context again.”


For Sr. Shana, joining the Deaconess Community was, “coming back to that sense of community grounded in service.”