Pastor Carrie Ballenger and Smith Deacon Adrainne Gray talk about why we have to care about what is happening in Jerusalem.

This week the ELCA’s Peace Not Walls issued a call urging us to contact our members of Congress to take action in support of Palestinian children.

This call illustrates the hold that the Israeli government has over the lives of Palestinians, which continues throughout Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Last month, Pastor Carrie Ballenger Smith and Deacon Adrainne Gray sat down with Sr. Noreen Stevens, Directing Deaconess and talked about the US moving its embassy to Jerusalem, what it is like for Palestinians to live and work in Jerusalem, and what Christians in America can do to help.

Click here to watch the entire conversation.

What Can You Do? 

To find out more about what you can do, watch this video. Adrainne and Pastor Carrie and Sr. Noreen discuss the situation and how to work towards change.