We, the Deaconess Community, have been asked to provide collective feedback on the Draft Social Statement on Women and Justice because we are a significant community of rostered womxn in the ELCA (& ELCIC), and our voice matters in such a time as this!

To do this well, we have set up three consecutive zoom video conference calls to together participate in the three Bible Study sessions laid out by the task force, and encourage sisters and candidates to gather regionally in May to collect feedback to share with the task force.  

What a gift it is to be asked to engage in this work as a community, and a gift back to the church to have a set of rostered womxn prepared to discuss and engage their synods, and congregations around this study as well. Alleluia!
If you are interested in leading one of the online sessions, please feel free to contact Sr. Liz for the provided resources available for leaders.  

Additionally, you may download the social statement here to print or read on your tablet, as well as other resources pertaining to the study.