Cindy Clark, Director | Apple Tree Center is a ministry of Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church located in Kendallville, Indiana and a Mission Grant Recipient.

Thank you for your continued prayers. God’s ministry is growing.

Our next goal is to begin to “officially” offer tutoring by spring. We are underway and hope to be able to reach many children who need that help. We have quite a few children from other countries living here. Many need the basics of learning the English language.

God is so good to us!  And so are the chickens. I have a dozen eggs in the refrigerator right now that they so generously provided.

We have a nice “new to us” chicken coop. It is spacious, with a nice laying area and is warm for sleep during these cold winter days. It also has a large yard area for them to run around and be chickens in.

Last fall, two friends from Ann Arbor, Michigan, drove down pulling a huge trailer with an enormous coop on it.

My brother came with two lift-trucks and helped unloaded it and placed it where we wanted it. Amazingly, it looks like it was built for the spot!

And, these friends sold us the coop, hauled it, and spent their day unloading it, all for the price of $200!

God and his people are so very, very good to us. And, the Apple Girls, love their new digs.

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