Using Martin Luther’s hymns, Sr. Annette Janka invites us to move through these days of Advent celebrating the hope of a reforming church as we dwell in the motivating love and grace of our Peace and Light.

Luke: 21:28
“Stand up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”

The Unwise Tongue of Man May Say 
1. The unwise tongue of man may say, “We give God honor royal,”
But by their actions men display a heart that is disloyal,
To God’s most holy will untrue.
Our God abhors the things they do when they abandon virtue.

2. Then God Himself from heav’n, looks down to make a full inspection
Of City, country, hamlet, town,
To see if man’s affection is centered in his Word and will
And if some can be found who still hold to his words and do them.

3. He sees none choosing his right way, but finds them always swerving;
To left and right they go astray, false trends and habits serving.
Not one of them lives truly right,
And yet they think their actions might receive God’s benediction.

4. How long will man be self-deceived with man-made works and striving?
They have too long God’s People grieved with sin-directed living.
In God they do not place their trust, nor kneel repentant in the dust.
Each thinks himself his savior.

5. The heart of man finds no true rest in self-directed living.
Faith sees God’s love is manifest and imitates such giving.
The world, however, scorns this way,
Rejects all that God’s people say, and spurns the Lord we trust in.

6. Who helps God’s People in their need? Who rescues them from prison?
God comes with might in word and deed; we live since Christ is risen.
For God has saved us through His Son, and for His people Christ has won
The help for which we praise Him.

Gracious God, send your Son into our midst. Show us your pathways of love. Amen