Sr. Noreen Stevens assists Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton at the opening worship of the Rostered Ministers Gathering. Image by Keith Andrew Spencer.

The Roster Ministers Gathering has been motivating and transformative, challenging and inspirational. Through holy times of praise and worship, study, fellowship, authentic listening, and conversation, the Gathering leaders wrapped me in the Word.

They pushed me to go deeper in my understanding of prophetic diakonia in response to today’s political and cultural climate.

I am confident in the Spirit’s movement in and through my days. But the Body of Christ, embodied in the gathered community of Rostered Ministers, reminded me again and again that we are On Our Way Together.

This was a time of real and, at times, raw conversation. We discussed what it means to be leaders today. At the same time we were invited to be a community in our leadership. We were invited to share in each other’s joys, pains, fears and celebrations.

It was a holy time with old friends and partners and many new!