By Sr. Ramona Daily

I never did anything like this in my life. My family and friends always knew what I thought about issues. Now I am volunteering to be a mobilizer for MoveOn is a grassroots organization based in California.

Resistance Summer focuses on the healthcare bill, that has not passed. This bill is like flying the plane while you are building it.

There are 1200 mobilizers from across the USA who applied and were chosen to do this work. Most of the mobilizers are Millenials. A few of us old timers are in the ranks. MoveOn provides us Mobilizers with online training, their social media platform, and a support group of mobilizers with a seasoned leader.

We started off with a Resistance Summer picnic. My church, Christ Lutheran, provided the venue: Their gazebo in the backyard. Twenty-five people gathered from different suburbs. Women, men, couples, White, Black, Vietnamese and Latinas. I knew two of them. It was amazing!

“What energized you after the election?” I asked the people gathered from the suburbs. The answers were amazing. Everyone from their point on the circle answered from their heart.

Yes, it was “CPE” style (transferable skills)!

Next, I mobilized for the “Neighborhood Listening Project”. This was right up my alley. A survey that let us listen to neighbors talk about their thoughts and experiences with health care in the USA. Three people signed up to canvass. As I was taught how to do this, I taught my small community of canvassers. Of the forty doors, we knocked on five people signed up to do  “August Recess” with us.

“August Recess” is our next event and will be held on August 31. This event will be a rally near our congressman’s office. A Mobilizer near Hershey, PA would like to team up with my group in Allentown to influence our congressman to vote no for an unjust health care bill. Maybe we can even influence our congressman to vote yes for Medicare for all!

Like being a chaplain, CPE supervisor, dancer, author, God called me and fitted me for this ministry. Even though me and my computer are slow!

“Do justice!”

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