By Sister Carol Weaver. Cathedral in the Light is an outdoor Christian community in downtown Northampton, MA. Check out their website, and Facebook page

It was a drizzly Sunday afternoon in early October when Gracie and I went to Cathedral in the Light for an inspiring worship service followed by a great meal and wonderful conversation. I had the honor of speaking with the worship leaders: Lance Humphrey, Chris Carlisle, and Ali Brauner before the worship and after the meal. In June of this year, our community awarded this ministry a grant to develop and launch a faith-based advocacy model based on Alexa Salvaterra’s work in the Philippines. From her book, “Faith-Rooted Organizing” we learn about a model of social action that is rooted in the values and convictions born of faith.

Ali Brauner and Pastor Stephanie Smith describe this advocacy model as “focusing on the healing of those who have been marginalized by poverty,” and are planning a retreat to implement the beginning steps in the training.  They are currently identifying key people who would learn and benefit from this training to become “peer chaplains.”

So where does the impetus for developing this diaconal program come from? The Recorder, a newspaper based in Greenfield, MA, ran a story on this unique ministry. To read it, please click here.