After years of a“dream deferred”, this year I was able to self published a book of my writings through I will be glad to share how I was, by the prodding of God, able to “self-publish” this volume of poetry and prose.

If you would like a copy, you can buy one at for 6 bucks! It could be a resource for Lent.

I did a reading at the Welcome Church, one of our Mission Partners, in October.  I also applied to do a book signing at Moravian Book Shop, the oldest book store in the USA. It is up the street from me. Women from Christ Lutheran Hellertown, PA have been a great support for me. I owe them my gratitude.

And as if this was not enough, God has given me three stories that I am writing now. I work on them at least one hour a day. One about my Grandmother. One about a Muslim patient. And one about my beloved young patient with leukemia. God has opened up a new career for me in my retirement. Thanks be to God!

I pray that if you have a chance to read Passion Blues it would bless you. My words are dancing off the page from my heart. Hallelujah!