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Director of Operations
Director of Operations job description


Organization description:

The Deaconess Community supports and develops skilled and committed Lutheran women to offer servant leadership to all of God’s people through service in church and society. Members of the Deaconess Community are rostered leaders in the churches and organizations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) and serve in a wide variety of roles and contexts.

Location: Chicago                                         Activity Area: Religious Organization

Category: Director of Operations                  Closing Date: October 15, 2014

Job Type: Full time                                        Salary: $50,000-$70,000


The Director of Operations is responsible and accountable to the board of directors for overseeing the management and administration of the facilities, finances, and daily operations of the Deaconess Community, ELCA. The Director of Operations is one third of the Leadership Team of the community; the other two offices being the elected Directing Deaconess and the appointed Director of Vocation and Education (DoVE)

The Director of Operations works in partnership with the board, Directing Deaconess, Director of Vocation and Education and support staff (administrative assistant and coordinator of communications) to implement the Community’s vision and direction for the organization.


The Director of Operation’s primary responsibilities include: supervision of support staff, maintaining governing documents and confidential files; ensuring the organization complies with all applicable legal requirements.

The DO works closely with the treasurer, staff and Committee on Finance and Budget to provide financial management and leadership oversight of financial transactions, reconciliations and reporting and a high level of financial stewardship, interpreting such to all levels of the organization.

Oversees the selection and evaluation of suppliers, contractors, consultants and other professional service providers and, on behalf of the community, initiates appropriate contractual arrangements.

The DO provides leadership and participates in the life of the Community through seat and voice at all board and committee meetings. In addition, the DO is responsible for maintaining a master calendar of meetings and events, supervising the administrative support needed for those meetings and events and ensuring that appropriate minutes and records are maintained.


In coordination with the Directing Deaconess and DoVE, the DO represents the community with external audiences and develops relationships on behalf of the community within the broader church and with other diaconal groups.


Qualifications and Experience:

  • Active membership in a Christian congregation
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum of 5-7 years in an organizational and financial management position with a working understanding of non-profit organizations
  • Experience in supervising office staff
  • Working understanding of financial analysis and investment management
  • Skill in oral, written and electronic communications
  • Subject to all appropriate background checks



Salary range: $50-$70k

This is a full-time position based in Chicago.

Full benefits package including ELCA pension, medical, dental and vision coverage, vacation and sick time. Less than 10% travel



A complete job description can be downloaded at: Director of Operations job description


Men and women who are not rostered with the ELCA or ELCIC are encouraged to apply as are persons from ecumenical partner traditions.


Send resume and cover letter to Kirk Stiffney: kirk@stiffneygroup.com Rostered leaders of the ELCA or ELCIC should also activate their RLP and have their synod office send it to Kirk Stiffney.